400 Stuart St Garage

Subterranean Lot
37 Spaces • $$$
6 Reviews
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400 Stuart St
Boston, MA 02116, US
(617) 948-2060
400 Stuart St Garage
400 Stuart St
Boston, MA 02116, US
(617) 948-2060
(617) 424-3016
Subterranean Lot
400 Stuart St Garage
400 Stuart St
Boston, MA 02116, US
400 Stuart St Garage


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400 Stuart St Garage


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30 Min
1 Hour
2 Hours
3 Hours
6 Hours
24 Hours
Early Bird
Mon-Fri; In By 9am / Out Between 2pm-7pm
Mon-Fri; In After 4pm / Out By 8am
12 Hours
Tax Not Included

Amex, Bills, Coins, Debit card, MC/Visa
Monthly Rates
Hours of Operation
24 Hours

Zip Car
EV Charger
Handicap Spaces
Covered Parking
Open 24/7
Parking Lighting
Credit Cards Accepted
Park & Lock
Type Non-restricted
Total Spaces 37
Total Handicap Spaces 1
Operator LAZ Parking
Max Height 6 ft. 9 in. (2.06 meters)

Add'l phone: (855) 529-4040
Valet parking available
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 - STAY AWAY FROM THE VALET PARKING! At first impression through LAZ Parking, this garage seems very clean, polite, and under control. We left our car with the valet no problem. When we came back to our car we noticed the mileage had gone up by nearly 20 miles, a finger trap toy on the drivers seat, and the passenger side mirror had been completely bent backwards and a deep scratch all the way down to bare metal stretching about 3 inches long was present on the bent mirror. This was from the mirror clashing and dragging along the concrete wall or piller. I politely informed a representative who called over the valet who parked our car, when the valet saw the damage and toy he immediately got defensive and refused that he did the damage. They asked around to all other valet drivers, just like the first driver all refused to have anything to do with it. As we were filling out insurance claims a $200,000 special edition Mercedes G-Wagon was taken by valet peeling down a ramp with the throttle pinned. The garage was filled with exhaust smoke and engine sounds from the unknowing customers car. I remained calm and was i formed by the representative that a member of insurance would be contacting me within 72 hours to complete the claim. Nobody ever called us and it's been over a week. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GARAGE ITS AN EXTREMELY SHADY OPERATION.
- Justin W.
 - I parked in this garage for the second time on 6/28/17 at around 11am. The first time I used this garage (the week before) it was fantastic. In and out quickly and the young man had my car waiting when I came out as I let him know going in that I would be less than 30 min (I am a nurse and needed to see a patient in one of the buildings near by). I have a bag in my back seat that I keep on the floor, under other things, containing personal items that I may or may not need for the day. This last visit I noticed the bag had been moved and discovered an entire bottle of medication had been emptied. The thief was crafty enough to leave the bottle behind and just take the prescription meds. No way to prove - but I did think others should know what could happen.
- Lisa W.
 - Very convenient experience and very affordable Sunday parking rate... I definitely will park here again.
- Jan W.
 - I parked there today for the first time and also used an app to park there for the first time. The garage itself is easy to access and exit. Parking is valet only. The reason for my one star review is the arrogant attitude I received from who I assume is the valet manager/supervisor. Since I had never been there before and wasn't familiar with how to present my parking ticket, I asked him where I need to go. Also the door to the garage was stuck, so I couldn't enter and tried to ask how I can get in. He talked to down to me in a very passive aggressive way and very slowly like I was a child, then left me standing there. I get it, you're miserable working underground all day, but maybe it's time to switch jobs then. First and last time I parked my car there.
- Sarah M.
 - A very easy and pleasant way to park in Boston. I would definitely use this service again.
- Louise S.
 - Excellent experience. Great price and very helpful and polite personnel there.
- Richard T.
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