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Boston Parking

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Parking Guides and Additional Details

Additional Details - Parking Tickets

As the largest city in New England, and one of the most famous cities in American history, Boston, MA is always a hub of activity.  With a centrally planned city layout, the streets of Boston can be difficult to maneuver for the unexperienced, which only makes parking in the city that much more of a challege.  Don't get turned around looking for a place to park, let ParkMe help find you your perfect parking spot!

Searching for parking in a specific neighborhood?  Click the links below to find the best places to park in Boston.

Parking Lots & Garages: There are several parking lots and garages located all over Boston.  However, each lot averages around 184 parking spots per lot, so parking can go quick during peak hours, so make sure to arrive early in order to score a prime spot!

Real Time Availability: Want to know if there are still any open spaces left in a parking lot?  Check the ParkMe map for the real time availability of every parking lot in Boston.  Green pins mark lots with lots of open spaces, orange pins mark lots with medium availability, and red pins mark the lots that are full or almost full.

Confusing Prices: The parking lot rates in Boston can be very confusing to those unfamiliar with the city.  There are rates for hourly parking, daily parking, evening parking, weekend parking, early bird specials, almost a different parking price and rate for every duration period and time of day that you park.  Don't get tricked and overspend for your parking spot!  Enter your entry and exit time in the ParkMe map and we will calculate your total parking price for every lot, so you know just how much you will be spending on parking.

Street Meters: The parking meters in Boston run Monday-Saturday from 8am-8pm and have a maximum time limit of 2 hours (this time limit is especially strict in the busy shopping, business, and entertainment areas).  The rates range from $1.25 per hour to $0.25 for 12 minutes.

Pro Parking Tips:

Pro Tip 1: During winter there can sometimes be "snow emergencies."  During these times a parking ban is put into effect by the city.  You are not allowed to parking within 30 feet of an intersection or more than 1 foot from the curb.  There are also areas that become no parking or tow-away zones during snow emergencies.  Make sure to move or properly park your car during these times in order to avoid getting a ticket.


Pro Tip 2: Always read all the signs around you when parking on the street.  If you are in a residential area make sure that you are not parked in a "permit only" area.

Boston Parking Tickets Page:

The Boston parking ecosystem is easy to understand and relatively more affordable than other regions. Because it’s New England, drivers must account for more factors than say, San Diego. This includes the element of weather, where motorists must always be on their game when accounting for snow days, street sweeping etc. Follow these tips to make sure you avoid getting a Boston parking ticket.


Boston Parking Ticket Average Fine:

Parking ticket fines in Boston can cost anywhere from $25 for simple violations like an expired meter to as much as $120 for parking in a handicapped or no stopping bus zone.

Boston Parking Ticket Enforcement:

Boston Transportation Department handles coding and enforcement of parking rules, Boston police can also issue tickets for more severe offenses.

Types of Boston Parking Tickets & Fines:

  • No Parking - $55
  • Meter Expiration - $25
  • Double Parking - $45
  • Loading Zone - $55
  • Bus Stop / Fire Hydrant - $100
  • Street Cleaning/Resident Only - $40
  • Weather Emergency - $45

For a full list of fines check out: http://www.cityofboston.gov/Parking/fines.asp


How To Pay A Boston Parking Ticket:


Tickets issued by Parking Enforcement Officers are uploaded to the online system NIGHTLY. Tickets issued by police officers can take a week or more to be processed. Link to pay: https://pci.etimspayments.com/pbw/include/boston/input.jsp


By Mail:

When mailing a ticket to parking clerk you must include:

  1. Ticket number
  2. Registration
  3. Name and Address
  4. Payment to


Mail To:

Office of the Parking Clerk

City of Boston

P.O. Box 55800

Boston, MA 02205


Pay In Person:

Office of the Parking Clerk, Room 224 2nd Floor, 1 City Hall Plaza, Boston MA, 02201, Window: Mon-Fri 9am - 4:30pm


Pay By Phone:

(617) 635-6888, Mastercard or Visa


How To Appeal A Boston Parking Ticket:

Questions concerning violations can be answered over the phone by calling the Office of the Parking Clerk at (617) 635-4410. When requesting an appeal, the individual should be sure to indicate the nature of the dispute and include his/her name, mailing address, the plate registration and the ticket number(s) to be disputed. There are three ways to request an appeal of a parking violation:

By Mail:

Drivers should write a letter about their citation and why it should be overturned. They should send it back in the orange envelope (WITHOUT THE TICKET). They will receive notice of a hearing within 3 - 6 months of issue date. They should bring supporting documentation, pictures to the hearing to back up their case.

Send a written request to: 

City of Boston 
P.O. Box 55800 
Boston, MA 02205


You can contest your ticket online by visiting: https://wmq.etimspayments.com/pbw/include/boston/complaintform.jsp

In Person:

To appeal your ticket in person head to:

Office of the Parking Clerk
Room 224 
1 City Hall Plaza 
Boston, MA 02201 
Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 4:30pm

In some cases written appeals can dismiss the ticket without a hearing. Approximately 60% of appeals are dismissed during a hearing. The point is, if you feel like you were ticketed unfairly DON’T LET UP. Make a fuss and you have a good chance of getting it dismissed.