Sunset Media Center

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1551 Argyle Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028, US
(213) 747-2868
Sunset Media Center
1551 Argyle Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028, US
(213) 747-2868
Struktur Parkeringsplads
Sunset Media Center
1551 Argyle Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028, US
Sunset Media Center


Sunset Media Center
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6255 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028, US
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 - DON'T park here if the event you are attending lets out after normal business hours during the day. We attended a performance at the Pantages, and we walked back to retrieve our car at 10:00 PM. The lobby entrance on Sunset was closed, and NO ONE was visible and no one answered our knocking at the door, and there was no other way into the building. Two of us walked back towards the car entrance on Argyle, and one of the security guards was letting someone else out with their car. At the same time, the others from our party yelled down the block at us that someone had answered the door of the lobby and we could get in. AT NO TIME when we dropped off the car did anyone tell us what a hassle it would be to collect our car. There is NO SIGNAGE as to what the procedure is, or that the lobby would be CLOSED at that hour. When we did drive out, we were NOT told that the gate to exit would NOT be open! No one told us to wait for the security guy to come over to manually let us out. We were honking our horns (three vehicles in all). We waited an ADDITIONAL ten minutes before anyone came to open the exit gate. Do not park here if you will be collecting your car in the's just not worth the hassle.
- Marcia S.
 - easy to find and park
- Madison M.
 - My friend and I were skeptical about using this website to find parking ahead of time for a concert we were attending at the Hollywood Palladium, but we decided to give it a try anyway. We were proved wrong. The parking was very easy, there was a lot of spots available, even when I arrived only 30 minutes before show time. This parking structure was very convenient and easy to access from the Hollywood Palladium. Definitely will be my go-to. One issue is that after the concert was over, I wasn't able to easily get to the entrance to get to the monthly parking. Other than that, this parking structure was great!
- Anonymous A.
 - It was easy to book, easy to find, conveniently close to where i needed to be. No issues at all. I am very happy with my experience. Thank you!
- Sarah N.
 - The whole experience was awesome and hassle-free! It relieved stress after frantically trying to find concert parking lol
- Jessica A.
 - Booking a space in this lot was very convenient and the entry instructions were very clear. I was expecting a fairly full lot, but we arrived and it was almost deserted. Our only problem was figuring out how to get to our car when it was time to leave. It was around midnight on Monday morning, the stairwell we took was locked, and I couldn't find an attendant. Luckily a car emerged from the monthly parking side and I ran under the gate as it passed. This drew the attention of an attendant who mysteriously appeared. Maybe there is a way to enter through the daily parking side and connect to the monthly parking side? I would use this lot again, but only if I first figured out how I'm supposed to get to my car. I think it would be beneficial to add those instructions to the reservation information.
- Matt K.
 - Thank yu
- Reanna C.
 - Prepay, reservied parking. Easy access. Very convenient to the Hollywood Palladium. Helpful and friendly parking attendatnts. I'd definitely use this lot again.👍🏼
- David G.
 - So easy to find, and perfect for the Palladium. Quick 101 access after the show.
- Lenna Y.
 - The only issue was the scanner was a little finicky. My paper print out did not work, luckily my phone did. Also, a little tricky getting back into the lot from our night out, glad the gate was up or we would have been stuck outside.
- Nicole C.
 - Parking lot was clean and safe. The gentleman was very helpful in guiding us on where to park for easier exit. To find the entrance to the building was a little confusing, but I guess that was normal, from someone not use to the city. There wasn't any instruction on how to get back to the parking lot. We were told to go to the main entrance. We were parked on the 2nd level, so the receptionist led us to the elevator. Once we were on the 2nd floor, we had to checked all the doors if it was the exit door to the parking. 4 old people lost in the parking lot! We had fun, as if that was the highlight of the night besides the concert. Will use Parkme again. Thanks.
- Lu P.
 - Great parking spot its very reserved. The only downside is the only way back in is through the front desk and the park me scanner did not work very well
- Max F.
 - The staff at the parking lot were nice to direct us and help us get inside the monthly parking lot when the parking pass wasn't working.
- Miwa I.
 - Great experience! Coming into L.A. for a concert, parking's always a bitch. My daughter found your service and the parking structure, right across the street from the venue! I didn't check the cost but figured 20$ was comparable to anything else around... the attendants were awesome as well! Thanks for the service you provided!
- Matt K.
 - great service, was very easy to leave a reservation, easy directions and actually very well priced. Security was great. thanks for the great work you do
- John B.
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