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Parking Guides and Additional Details

Additional Details

While there may be many things to see and do downtown, the heavy traffic and numerous one-way streets can make Los Angeles parking a nightmare. But have no fear, we have all your parking troubles covered. Reserve a spot now near LA Live here, the Nokia Theater here, or the Staples Center here. Click on any of the various links below to find the best parking spots in each district of Downtown LA.

Searching for parking in a specific neighborhood?  Click the links below to get the best parking spots in Downtown Los Angeles.

Tons of Parking:  There are so many parking lots and garages in Downtown LA, you can barely go one block without passing one, or two, or three!  If the lot closest to your destination is full or too expensive, drive one or two blocks away and you will most likely find a cheaper and empty lot just a short walk away.

Street Parking:  There are tons and tons of street meters around Downtown LA, but their rates and hours can range from $0.50-$5.75 per hour depending on where and when you park.  Street parking gets more expensive during the afternoon and peak rush hour times, with some streets becoming no-parking zones during those times.  Make sure to read all the signs before leaving your vehicle to avoid getting a ticket!

Real Time Availability: Almost every parking lot, garage, and meter are automated in Downtown.  You can check the ParkMe map to get the real time occupancy of all the lots so you know which ones will have the most available spaces.  There is even real time data on street meters, so you know on which blocks you will have the best chance at finding a spot.

Pro Parking Tips:

Pro Tip 1: Park your car for free at any of the Metro rail lots.  All the lines connect to the downtown Red Line Subway.  The frequent DASH bus will also take you to nearly all the downtown hotspots.

Pro Tip 2: If you drive an electric car, park in the lot on Jesse Street and Mateo Street.  It is a lot specifically made for electric cars and powers several electric car chargers.