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Los Angeles Parking Guides

Parking Guides - Parking Tickets

While there may be many things to see and do downtown, the heavy traffic and numerous one-way streets can make Los Angeles parking a nightmare. But have no fear, we have all your parking troubles covered. Reserve a spot now near LA Live here, the Nokia Theater here, or the Staples Center here. Click on any of the various links below to find the best parking spots in each district of Downtown LA.

Searching for parking in a specific neighborhood?  Click the links below to get the best parking spots in Downtown Los Angeles.

Tons of Parking:  There are so many parking lots and garages in Downtown LA, you can barely go one block without passing one, or two, or three!  If the lot closest to your destination is full or too expensive, drive one or two blocks away and you will most likely find a cheaper and empty lot just a short walk away.

Street Parking:  There are tons and tons of street meters around Downtown LA, but their rates and hours can range from $0.50-$5.75 per hour depending on where and when you park.  Street parking gets more expensive during the afternoon and peak rush hour times, with some streets becoming no-parking zones during those times.  Make sure to read all the signs before leaving your vehicle to avoid getting a ticket!

Real Time Availability: Almost every parking lot, garage, and meter are automated in Downtown.  You can check the ParkMe map to get the real time occupancy of all the lots so you know which ones will have the most available spaces.  There is even real time data on street meters, so you know on which blocks you will have the best chance at finding a spot.

Pro Parking Tips:

Pro Tip 1: Park your car for free at any of the Metro rail lots.  All the lines connect to the downtown Red Line Subway.  The frequent DASH bus will also take you to nearly all the downtown hotspots.

Pro Tip 2: If you drive an electric car, park in the lot on Jesse Street and Mateo Street.  It is a lot specifically made for electric cars and powers several electric car chargers.

Los Angeles Parking Tickets


The City of Los Angeles controls almost 49,000 parking spaces so it is no wonder that the Los Angeles DOT traffic officers issue more than 3 million parking tickets each year. Once parking tickets are issued, the Parking Violations Bureau is in charge of collecting over $500 million of penalties. Tickets cost between $60-$80 for the most common violations like parking during street cleaning, but other violations like parking in a bus lane can cost upward of $300. Here are some tips to help you avoid getting parking tickets in Los Angeles and information on what to do if you have already gotten one.  


LA Parking Ticket Types:

There are more than 150 types of parking tickets but the most common reasons for getting parking tickets in Los Angeles include parking at an expired meter or on a restricted street on street cleaning day. The worst tickets that you can get in Los Angeles are parking in a bus zone, which costs $293, and parking in a disabled space illegally which results in a penalty of $363. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with all of the Los Angeles parking ticket types and fines and you’ll think twice before illegally parking your car.


Getting Booted or Towed In LA:


Parking illegally will result in an expensive ticket but it might also result in your car getting booted or towed. Parking in front of a fire hydrant, bus stop or obstructing traffic (peak hours, street cleaning, double parking, etc) can all result in getting towed in Los Angeles which can cost an additional $200-$300. You may also be towed if you have more than 5 delinquent parking tickets. If your vehicle gets towed you can get more information about getting your car back here.

In Los Angeles, your vehicle will be booted if you get more 3 outstanding parking tickets. If your vehicle gets booted, you must pay your delinquent tickets and an additional $150 boot fee within 72 hours in order to have the boot removed. For complete information on getting a boot removed check out the LA Parking Violations Bureau’s boot removal instructions.


Paying A Los Angeles Parking Ticket:

If you do end up getting a ticket and have no interest in contesting it there are 4 ways to pay for your violation; online, by mail, by phone, and in person. If you wait more than 14 days to pay your ticket a late payment penalty will be added.


Paying LA Parking Tickets- Online:


You can pay your Los Angeles parking ticket online with a credit card by following these steps. Please note that if you pay online you will be charged a $2 processing fee.


  1. Go to this website: https://pci.etimspayments.com/pbw/include/la/input.jsp
  2. Enter the ticket number in the box provided
  3. Select the Submit button to begin the secure credit card payment process*. This link will take you to a secured site.
  4. Follow the directions on the secured site to walk through the payment process.
  5. Click “CHECK OUT” to confirm
  6. Wait for a confirmation page. The confirmation page may be printed for your records


Paying LA Parking Tickets- By Mail:


You can follow the instructions on the back of your parking ticket to pay by mail. Your ticket should have included a pre-addressed payment envelope which you should use to send in payment. Make sure that you send your payment in with enough time to get to the City of Los Angeles before the 14 day deadline or you will incur a late penalty. Follow these steps to pay by mail:


1) Fill out the required information like name, address, etc.

2) Enclose a check or a money order for the full amount of your ticket. DO NOT SEND CASH!

3) Mail payment to:


Parking Violations Bureau

P.O. Box 30420

Los Angeles, CA 90030


The city will send you a receipt when they receive your payment to keep for your records.


Paying LA Parking Tickets- By Phone


You can also save some time by paying for your ticket by phone. Just call (866) 561-9742  then use your MasterCard or VISA credit card to pay through the automated telephone system. This service can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This method is faster and more convenient but they also charge a $2 per ticket convenience fee.


Paying LA Parking Tickets- In Person


Find and visit any Walk-In Customer Service Center to pay by cash, check, money order or credit card. Just like the previous 3 payment methods. If you do not pay or request a hearing by the 14th day, a penalty of late fee penalty will be added to your fine and additional penalties will accrue until you respond.

Some Walk-In Customer Service Center locations include:


Downtown - 312 W 2nd Street

Mid-Wilshire – 3333 Wilshire Blvd.

West Los Angeles - 9911 West Pico Blvd, #B-201

Van Nuys - 6309 Van Nuys Blvd., #103

*click links for more information

How to Contest a Los Angeles Parking Ticket:


With hundreds of parking tickets being issued every day there are tons of reasons why you might have received a parking ticket in error. If you think that you unrightfully received a parking ticket there are 4 ways to contest a Los Angeles parking ticket.


*Please note that you must make a request for review within 21 days of the citation issue date or 14 days from the first overdue notice.

Contesting Your LA Parking Ticket Online:

You can request a hearing to contest your parking ticket online by following these steps:


1. Visit this website: https://pci.etimspayments.com/pbw/include/la/complaintform.jsp?complainttype=6

2. Fill out all the required fields like name, address, and  the ticket violation #

3. Provide a citizens statement explaining why you are innocent then click “SUBMIT”

4. A decision will be made and you will be contacted within 14 days


Contest Your LA Parking Ticket By Mail:


You can also contest a parking ticket through the mail. Make sure to collect evidence to support your case then follow these steps:


1) Write a letter explaining why your should be found not guilty of the violation including the citation #

2) Attach evidence like photos or police reports to the letter

3) Make copies of your letter and evidence for your own records

4) Send the the ticket with the reason why you believe you are not guilty checked off on the back, your letter, and your evidence to the NYC Department of Finance at the following address:


City of Los Angeles

P.O. Box 30247

Los Angeles, CA. 90030-0968



Contest Your LA Parking Ticket By-Phone:


To call the city and request a hearing all you need to do is call (866)561-9742 then plead your case



Contest Your LA Parking Ticket In-Person:


The last option is to contest your parking ticket in-person. You need to first schedule an administrative hearing which ironically needs to be done online.  Once a hearing is schedule we recommend the following tips:


-Bring your license, ticket, vehicle registration, and title or rental agreement.

-Bring any evidence that supports your “Not Guilty” claim like photos, police reports, etc.

-Prepare arguments to support your claim before your hearing

-Get there early in case there are lines



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