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Madison Square Garden Events

Parking Guides and Additional Details

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One of New York City's most renowned landmarks is none other than the large indoor arena, Madison Square Garden.  Hosting a variety of shows from star studded concerts to circus acts, Madison Square Garden is one of the most entertaining spots in NYC, especially for sports fans!  MSG is home to several of New York's most popular sports teams including the New York Rangers of NHL and the New York Knicks of the NBA. Because of it's prime location in the heart of the city, parking at Madison Square Garden is no different than any other area of NYC - expensive and hard to find.  So before you head out to your next show or game read our Madison Square Garden parking tips to find cheap and convenient places to park.

Closest Parking Lots:

There are tons of parking lots in the area surrounding Madison Square Garden.  For those who prefer convenience to price there are a few lots that are located just across the street from the arena.

  1. 1 Penn Plaza - This lot is open 24 hours and charges $40.54 for events.
  2. New Garden Garage - This lot is open 24 hours and charges $31.25 for 10 hours or $38.01 for 24 hours.

Reserve Parking:

There are several lots near MSG where you can purchase discounted or pre-paid parking spots.

  1. 245 W. 28th St. $25.32
  2. 675 New County Rd.
  3. 451 9th Ave.  $25-$50
  4. 1 Penn Plaza  $40.54
  5. 9-19 W. 35th St.  $27.87-$35.48
  6. 1250 Broadway  $32.10-$43.08
  7. 300 W. 31st St.  $35.48-$38.01
  8. 305-313 W. 33rd St.  $35.48-$38.01
  9. 109 W. 31st St.  $30-$40
  10. 230 W. 31st St.  $31.25-$38.01
  11. 340 W. 31st St.  $24.50-$32.10
  12. 325 W. 31st St.  $35.48-$38.01

Cheapest Parking Lot: 

If price is an issue try parking at 475 Park Ave. S.  Parking at this lot is $10.98 after 4pm.  It is a few blocks away from MSG so be prepared to walk.