Puget Sound Plaza / Cobb Garage

Subterranean Lot
1312 Spaces • $$$
11 Reviews
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315 Union St
Seattle, WA 98101, US
(206) 623-8572
Puget Sound Plaza / Cobb Garage
315 Union St
Seattle, WA 98101, US
(206) 623-8572
(206) 783-4144
Subterranean Lot
Puget Sound Plaza / Cobb Garage
315 Union St
Seattle, WA 98101, US
Puget Sound Plaza / Cobb Garage


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Puget Sound Plaza / Cobb Garage


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30 Min
1 Hour
2 Hours
3 Hours
4 Hours
7 Hours
10 Hours
12 Hours
24 Hours
Early Bird
Mon-Fri; In By 9am / Out By 6pm
Mon-Fri; In After 5pm
Event Rates Supersede Other Rates
Tax Included

Amex, Bills, Coins, Debit card, MC/Visa
Monthly Rates
Hours of Operation

EV Charger
Covered Parking
Parking Lighting
Credit Cards Accepted
Park & Lock
Type Non-restricted
Total Spaces 1312
Operator Republic Parking System
Max Height 6 ft. 2 in. (1.88 meters)

Lost Ticket Pays Max Rate
$35 After Hours Release Fee
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 -  If using the SpotHero app, please avoid this garage. Scanners do not work to let you in the garage.
- Steve D.
 - Used this lot just after Christmas. Payment machine did not recognize the ticket and we were trapped. We used the intercom on the exiting machine and eventually some one showed up. He had us take a picture of the ticket, then told us to go online and pay the fee. Well here I am online and there is no record of our license plate. Pretty ridiculous. If it had been busy this would have been a major disaster. Also this is like a miniature garage. Don’t show up with a pickup truck or large SUV.
- Chuck H.
 - Absolute trash of a parking lot. Parking hours are NOT posted, the number I called the on duty manager was rude, had no solutions and then hung up on me. Vastly unprofessional and is now costing me serious time and money. Completely unacceptable. I expected more from Seattle and the Cobb.
- Justin M.
 - The rate after 5pm is $10.00 not $8.00 as posted. I keep trying the phone number and it says the voicemail is full.
- Allison C.
 - Pay station didn’t work. Lines were ridiculously long. Took 30 minutes to move from 4th floor to the exit. They did not charge us but regardkess we will never park here again.
- D R.
 - Zero security. Homeless people can walk in, break your back window out, steal everything from your car, and nothing will be done. I know this is a fact because IT HAPPENED TO ME! TWICE!! The garage management is a joke, they do nothing for you and they've been saying they're getting security cameras installed "in the future." What a joke.
- Kevin M.
 - Frequent car break-ins, guard are absent, few cameras monitoring. Have good insurance if you're going to park here, you'll need it.
- Sam A.
 - I reserved a parking spot because I was attending an event at the Convention Center and I was bringing a large group of kids with me. I choose this lot because it did take reservations and it was a 5 minute walk to the Covention Center. When I pulled up a "Lot Full" sign was blocking the entrance and this was confusing because I had a reservation. When I tried to go around it I got blocked in the front by people leaving and behind by people trying to pull in. There was not an attendant present to help with any of traffic. I ended up leaving the lot later than my reservation time because of a situation out of my control. I did try to check with pay station to see if there would be an extra charge but the pay station did not have a bar code reader and I did not have a ticket. Again no attendant around to ask for help.I also realized then that I had paid the maximum charge for the day. When I pull up to the gate to leave I scan my bar code and the reader says I owe another $10 even though I had already paid the full 24 hour maximum rate. I tried to pay because I just wanted to leave but the card reader was disabled. I used call button to talk to the attendant and explain what was going on. He scolded me for staying after my reservation time but he said he would raise the gate and let me out. I told him that I appreciated it and thanked him. His answer to this was to scold me a 2nd time.
- Melodi B.
 - Very easy to use, great location, good price for event parking.
- Donna K.
 - I liked the convenience of reserved parking paid prior to my visit. However, my destination was the Public Library and the map said the garage was two blocks away. I took a disabled person with me and they had a hard time walking the six blocks to the library and back. I like that you had police directing traffic out of the garage during rush hour. I wouldn't have been easily able to exit without that and the ticket scan worked with my paper printed copy both in and out easily. I'd definitely use this again.
- Paul C.
 - Terrible customer service. There is no human at the gate; not so much as a booth. There is also no way to pay at the gate. You have to pay at an electronic kiosk before returning to your vehicle, and then insert your ticket into a machine as you leave the garage. If you happen to misplace that ticket at any point in the process, you're pretty much SOL. The only option is to press a call button and talk to someone over a speaker. A lost ticket incurs a $35 fee--which is normal--BUT operators have been known to ask for people's personal information, over the loudspeaker, in public. TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE, AND POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS! Meanwhile, you are obstructing traffic and making a scene. Oh, and the person at the other end of the line always seems to be rude. Save your money and park elsewhere!
- Jordan S.
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