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Seattle Parking

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Parking Guides and Additional Details

Additional Details

Seattle is one of biggest cities in the Northwest, and as the birthplace of grunge rock, it is a famous spot for music lovers everywhere.  As one of the few cities surrounded by beautiful views of both forests and the ocean, Seattle has a finite amount of area to contain the immense amount of traffic that passes through the city.  In order to help you weave your way around the parking troubles within Seattle, ParkMe has listed a few parking tips to help make your drive a little easier.

Searching for parking in a particular neighborhood?  Click the links below to find the best places to park around Seattle.

Garages Galore:  There are tons of parking lots in Downtown Seattle, you can hardly go one block without seeing one. These lots average about 112 parking spaces per lot.  

Special Rates: Many of the Seattle parking lots offer special early bird or evening rates as well, which makes parking downtown cheaper.

Real-Time Availability:  Several Downtown Seattle parking lots are now automated, and can show the exact number of spaces available in real-time.  Check the ParkMe map ahead of time to find out how full these lots are.

Street Parking: Parking meters range from $1.50-$4 per hour.  Rates and hours will vary depending on which part of the city you are parking in, the closer to downtown you are, the more expensive street parking will be.  Meters run Monday-Saturday from 8am-6pm.


Pro Parking Tips:

Pro Tip 1: If you want to park as close to downtown Seattle as possible, the cheapest way to find parking is to find a garage with an early bird discount (meaning that you will have to enter the garage by a certain time, usually by 9 or 10am).  You can also try the lots east of downtown on Stewart Street.


Pro Tip 2: Fremont has free street parking on smaller streets.  It may take a little bit of looking around, but there will be some spots for you to park.