Haymarket Center Garage

Subterranean Lot
308 Spaces • $$$
9 Reviews
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98 Sudbury St
Boston, MA 02108, US
(617) 222-3200
Haymarket Center Garage
98 Sudbury St
Boston, MA 02108, US
(617) 222-3200
(423) 756-2771
Subterranean Lot
Haymarket Center Garage
98 Sudbury St
Boston, MA 02108, US
Haymarket Center Garage


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Haymarket Center Garage


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30 Min
1 Hour
1.5 Hours
2 Hours
3 Hours
4 Hours
Daily Max
Rates Reset At 5am

Amex, Bills, Coins, Debit card, Discover, MC/Visa, Pay by Phone
Hours of Operation
24 Hours

Handicap Spaces
Covered Parking
Open 24/7
Over 7ft. Clearance
Parking Lighting
Credit Cards Accepted
Park & Lock
Building Address
Type Non-restricted
Total Spaces 308
Total Handicap Spaces 7
Operator REEF Technology
Max Height 7 ft. 5 in. (2.26 meters)
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 - Just noticed that i was over charged for parking on my bank statement. I went to a Bruins game and was charged $160 for parking. Someone is scamming! Hope i can get resolved!!!
- Matt M.
 - We purchased a spot from spot hero, when arriving the cashier on duty ignored us when we pulled in and attempted to ask if we were in the right location (we are not from the area) we even taped on the window and waved our paper he again ignored us and waved us through. When we attempted to leave the MANAGER denied us to leave without paying. We tried to explain our situation but she just said “I will call the cops if you don’t pay” I cannot believe the unprofessionalism. She told us that her was just a cashier and he doesn’t have to know any information or the address to the building he was working at. We needed up paying so we wouldn’t have to wait any longer but I would not recommend this garage to anyone. The manager was lazy and could not care enough to do her job, they clearly do not employ anyone who cares or has any idea on what is going on. I have never received worst service For anything in the Boston area before. If I could give god garage a negative star I would. I will not be coming back here for any boson game or event I attend in the future.
- Kaylee S.
 - The ticket counter guy said they did not except card and asked me to pay in cash which at the time I had only a few bucks in my wallet. Luckily I had just enough. However if I hadn't carry cash that day I don't know what I would have done because the guy said cash only. I am pretty sure they except credit card and I don't no why he wanted cash so bad. It was very sketchy and I asked him for his name and he would not give it to me and he told me the gate would close if I don't leave soon. Overall it was a very bad experience and not very ethical to ask for cash when I know they except credit card.
- Nga T.
 - Smells bad, management not willing to work with regular clients if you're running even a little late... will charge 24hr amout
- Emily S.
 - Bad customer service , bad condition. Employees are rude .
- Joseph C.
 - Customer service at this garage is terrible. They are basically thieves. I pulled in , asked an attendant questions, was held up in traffic, the attendant said yes you spoke with us but you must still pay $10 for first hour. Would not recommend anyone to give these assholes business
- Patrick W.
 - I park at the Parcel 7 garage almost every day for work. The customer service I have received their is extremely poor! I was 10 minutes past the 3 hour mark for my validation ticket and the woman at the garage booth would not honor the validation discount. Therefore, I had to pay full price for the 3 hours of parking. I can understand if I was 30 minutes or more late but considering I was only ten minutes late I feel they were being petty. As I previously mentioned, I park their almost daily. In addition, I recommend their garage to the guests of the restaraunt I work for. Furthermore, several of the management staff have monthly passes. We as a company give the parcel parking garage more than enough business. I am extremely upset with the way things were handled today. Not only was the woman at the booth unaccomodating, but she was down right rude. When I asked her for her name so I could speak with a manager, she gave a smug smile and lied about her name. I am outrage and I will be sure to NOT recommend this garage to any more guests!
- Ashley M.
 - Parked there for less than three hours, gave a validated ticket. Should have paid only $1 , but he charged me $28 . Asked him to check the cameras but the clerk refused. He said I can take them to court. Which I will do.
- Milagros R.
 - Best deal in the city if you use your validations per their rules. For weekday parking less than 3 hours is $3 or less - it's cheaper than a parking meter!! The only reason I don't give 5 stars is because it's poorly maintained.
- David S.
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