Harbor Garage

Structure Lot
1896 Spaces • $$$$
10 Reviews
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270 Atlantic Ave
Boston, MA 02110, US
(617) 720-5135
Harbor Garage
270 Atlantic Ave
Boston, MA 02110, US
(617) 720-5135
(312) 935-2800
Structure Lot
Harbor Garage
270 Atlantic Ave
Boston, MA 02110, US
Harbor Garage


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Harbor Garage


Driver Info
Payment Info

Each 30 Min
24 Hours
Early Bird
Mon-Fri; In Between 5am-8:30am / Out Between 2pm-12am
Tax Included

Amex, Bills, Coins, Debit card, Discover, MC/Visa
Hours of Operation
24 Hours

Covered Parking
Open 24/7
In and Out
Parking Lighting
Credit Cards Accepted
Park & Lock
Type Non-restricted
Total Spaces 1896
Operator InterPark
Max Height 6 ft. 6 in. (1.98 meters)

Lost Ticket Pays Max
Specify only allowed during paid/reserved time frame
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 - We wanted to go to the aquarium for my birthday to celebrate. We parked in the garage, so we put in my card but didn’t understand we need a ticket. Parked went down stairs to c what to do, no attendant for help. Went back around n got charge again. So we go to the aquarium but we were told that they are full. Back to the car half hour later. Got Charged 36.00 dollars for a half hour n didn’t go to the aquarium. I want my money back.
- Lee P.
 - 1st time visiting we paid on the ground floor before returning to our car. On our exit of the garage we put our paid ticket in the prepaid side which we learned was incorrect. An attendant came to help,but was completely rude and treated us like we were idiots. I suggest updating your signs and attitudes. "Pre-paid" makes sense when you paid prior to exiting. "Insert ticket and then credit card" sounds like I'm paying again.
- Julie K.
 - DO NOT PARK HERE. It’s under construction and disaster - dripped waxy white gunk all over my car and cannot get it off. Exterior is effectively ruined.
- Casey R.
 - Visited Aquarium with my 5 year old grandson on 9/29/19. Tried to pay via self pay machines in the lobby, but they did not work. Waited for the elevator a long time. Paid $ 40 for 3 hours of parking. Between the cost for Aquarium tickets and garage, it is day time robbery. I think we need to boycott both the aquarium and Harbor garage.
- Jack M.
 - Our car was broken into while we were on a whale watching tour. All cash, change, bank cards, and credit cards stolen. Our bank account was drained. I do believe some serious security is needed here. What a nasty way to end a beautiful day.
- Shelley W.
 - We had a day whale watching planned with Harbour Cruises, so arrived in the car park before 8am on Monday 9th September to take advantage of the "Early bird Special" at $24. When we left at 4pm the screen on the pay machine showed $40 less rebate $16 payment = $24. So far so good. But the machine still took the full $40 from our credit card. Totally unsatisfactory.
- Charles T.
 - Around 8pm on September 12, 2019 my wife and I called the customer service to find out the price and the discount from the Legal Sea Foods validation. We were told that the price was $25 as long as we stayed less than 4 hours, and the validation would give us a discount of $15. My wife and I reconfirmed that we would pay $10 total with the discount. We were lied to by the customer service representative!!! The real price was $40, not $25. Please do not use this business with dishonest "customer service"!
- Serhii Z.
 - I am very upset due to being charged $40 in order to get out of this parking garage. We were not parked in the garage longer than 15 minutes and I found a different parking arrangement and yet when I put my ticket in to leave I couldn't get out until I put my card in to pay $40!!!! There were cars behind me so I could not "back out" to handle the issue...also we had timed tickets for the IMAX shows at the aquarium so I didn't have time to deal w it I was forced to just pay to get out. My son and I lost everything we owned in a fire a few months ago and this trip to Boston had already been planned. I didn't want to take his trip away but money was very limited. I was very upset by this issue and would love something to be done. I'd be happy to leave a better rating if someone cares enough to rectify this situation
- Nicole B.
 - Wonderful service
- Caren W.
 - CRAZY prices!! There are MANY others that are A LOT cheaper!!
- A B.
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