Lot 372 - Resources & Conservation Center

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37 Plazas • $$$$
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1616 P St NW
Washington, DC 20036, US
(202) 797-6594
Lot 372 - Resources & Conservation Center
1616 P St NW
Washington, DC 20036, US
(202) 797-6594
(202) 295-8100
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Lot 372 - Resources & Conservation Center
1616 P St NW
Washington, DC 20036, US
Lot 372 - Resources & Conservation Center


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Lot 372 - Resources & Conservation Center


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Building Address
1400 16th St NW
Washington, DC 20036, US
Tipo Non-restricted
No. de Plazas 37
Operador Colonial Parking
Altura Max 2,01 meters (6 ft. 7 in.)
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 - Made parking after a 4 hour drive to DC a snap. A huge relief not having to search for a garage and then a spot. The online reservation process is simple and checking into the garage was straight forward. I’ll be using this service EVERY time i venture into the Nation’s capital from now on.
- Rich F.
 - Finding parking in the neighborhoods around 16th and R Streets is a hit or miss experience. But when I am going to an event or dinner in the area, I don't have time to circle around and around looking for the possibility of getting a spot or worrying about feeding the meter. That's why this service is so valuable and I will definitely use it again. No fuss no muss.
- Bernie L.
 - I live outside of D.C. and limit my visits due to parking nightmares. Your parking service completely eliminated my parking dread so that I was able to enjoy my trip. As long as you stay at an affordable price, I will continue to use your service. Thank you!
- Maria B.
 - I loved being able to get a guaranteed parking space in a safe location in the middle of Washington, DC very close to an event I was going to in the evening. The parking process was quick and easy. I highly recommend this lot.
- Paul S.
 - It was very convenient to reserve parking at this lot through ParkMe. The process was simple and the price was reasonable.
- Walt Y.
 - The garage was easy to find. Attendant was available when we arrived. Knowing we had a parking space waiting on us instead of driving around trying to find one made our evening carefree. Will definitely use this service again.
- Val S.
 - I was so happy to find parking with you near the Carnegie Institution. I walk with a cane and it was easy to find you and park.
- Patricia T.
 - Reserving online was a convenient way to ensure we didn't have to hunt aimlessly for a parking space. Convenient location as well!
- Leslie K.
 - Did not accept parkme reservation. Said the website and price were wrong. Total waste of time
- Allison D.
 - everything went smoothly - it was great knowing there would be a parking spot waiting for me on a stormy day in DC.
- Tommy O.
 - I had no problems with my reservation and everything went smoothly. Thanks for the great service!
- Brittany P.
 - Be aware, if you use the ParkWhiz app instead of the ParkMe app (which Colonial allows), the Colonial attendant may not know that's valid. I spent 10 minutes arguing with him that I was directed to ParkWhiz from the Colonial website until he finally relented and called a supervisor who told him it was fine. I've had problems like this with Colonial attendants before. Wish they didn't have such a monopoly on garages in DC because I wouldn't use them otherwise.
- Darryl W.
 - I was visiting a friend and this parking garage was perfect for overnight parking! I'll definitely park here again.
- Tina R.