Third & Stewart Garage

Structure Lot
1398 Spaces • $$$
16 Reviews
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255 Stewart St
Seattle, WA 98101, US
(206) 783-4144
Third & Stewart Garage
255 Stewart St
Seattle, WA 98101, US
(206) 783-4144
(206) 322-3383
Structure Lot
Third & Stewart Garage
255 Stewart St
Seattle, WA 98101, US
Third & Stewart Garage


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Third & Stewart Garage


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Payment Info

30 Min
1 Hour
2 Hours
3 Hours
4 Hours
5 Hours
12 Hours
24 Hours
Early Bird
Mon-Fri; In Between 5am-10:30am; 4 Hour Minimum; 12 Hour Max
Early Bird
Sat-Sun; In Between 5am-11am; 4 Hour Minimum; 12 Hour Max
In After 4pm / Out By 2am
Tax Included

Amex, Bills, Coins, Debit card, MC/Visa
Monthly Rates
Hours of Operation
24 Hours

Validation Available
Covered Parking
Open 24/7
Credit Cards Accepted
Park & Lock
Building Address
1619 3rd Ave
Seattle, WA 98101, US
Type Non-restricted
Total Spaces 1398
Operator Republic Parking System
Max Height 6 ft. 10 in. (2.08 meters)

Monthly Parking Available:
Evening (3pm-9am) & Weekends: $160
Market Non-reserved: $349
Tandem Reserved: $395
Market Reserved: $440

Validation Available From Seattle Art Museum and Macys
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 - Lame
- Stan D.
 - Went to a show at the Moore theater and prepaid to park here. System for parking needs to be streamlined for events when you are prepaid. Sat in my car for two hours in complete gridlock while attendent scanned each car individually. Come on
- Phoenix C.
 - Very simple and convenient to use. Appreciate having the QR code so we didn’t have to worry about carrying the garage ticket.
- Mike M.
 - Glad I discovered this app. Great for reserving and paying in advance. Everything worked just fine - in and out, no hassles. Very convenient, saving time and frustration, will recommend.
- Izak L.
 - Took advantage of online reservations. Quick, easy, and took the stress out of finding parking. Exit personnel were friendly and professional. Will definitely use again!
- Lee Ann G.
 - Thank you to the attendant who helped solve a problem with our online reservation. He was efficient and kind.
- Martha T.
 - Reservation and qr code worked as advertised. Great parking location if you’re going to see a play at The Paramount. No complaints!
- Patricia P.
 - Just the way to go if you're going to be parking in Seattle. Easy, convenient, the garage is well lite with good parking spaces.
- Rhonda S.
 - We found everything to be great. The directions and instructions were very helpful to us to find the location of the lot and make our entrance and exit easy. The only thing I would suggest is to mention that the first floors were occupied by the rental car agency and the entrance gate for the ParkMe lot was on an upper level. Otherwise all was great.
- Duaine B.
 - So easy to find and get in to park, and knowing we had a guaranteed parking spot took all the worry away since we had an appointment two blocks away. Also nice to have the rental car businesses on the first two floors, knowing there are people in the building and that it was clean and very well kept.
- Diane R.
 - Super easy and took the stress out of searching for the most economical parking spot. We were visiting downtown Seattle and heard about this app so I downloaded it.... found the perfect spot for much less money and stress.
- Scott D.
 - Once we located the parking garage on a beautiful Saturday afternoon with thousands of tourists clogging the streets, we were so relieved to know a parking spot was waiting for us. It was very convenient and took the stress off considering there were so many other stresses to deal with that day. I highly recommend EVERYONE to use this service. You will have a much better day as a result!!
- Donna W.
 - It was easy to find and park. Reservation system worked well. Used the qr code to enter and exit with no problems.
- Dale E.
 - This was a quick and easy service that made my evening push button and enjoyable. I recommend Park Me to anyone who likes to plan ahead and simplify their life.
- Nadine N.
 - Deceptive payment markings. Does not accept all AMEX cards. If I enter lot marked as accepting AMEX and can't pay with it when trying to leave is BS. I will most definitely find somewhere else to spend my money in the future. A republic lot will be the very last choice. Overpriced as well for garage condition.
- Gerry N.
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