CLT - Curbside Valet

Surface Lot
10 Spaces • $$$$$
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5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy
Charlotte, NC 28208, US
(704) 359-4038
CLT - Curbside Valet
5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy
Charlotte, NC 28208, US
(704) 359-4038
Surface Lot
CLT - Curbside Valet
5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy
Charlotte, NC 28208, US
CLT - Curbside Valet


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CLT - Curbside Valet


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Amex, Bills, Coins, Debit card, Discover, MC/Visa
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Car Wash
Official Lot of Airport or Venue
Over 7ft. Clearance
Credit Cards Accepted
Type Valet Only
Total Spaces 10
Operator City of Charlotte

Valet Only
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 - Very disorganized. Cashier was fine at pick up time. HOwever, the outside staff couldn't find my car. A friendly staff member took over for me and looked for my car. I guess I made a mistake not looking myself, but he seemed to be somewhat in charge. Guess what? My car had been sitting there just waiting in a long line of cars and trucks. You'd think the staff would have known that this is a possibility and looked harder. Also, the first time I used this service, the guy who took my information and my keys was very curt and impolite. Won't use again!
- Ellen M.
 - Your cashier Ashley Dean was wonderful! I left my ticket in checked baggage, so i called and Ashley confirmed my cell number and the make and model of my car. She asked me to call when i arrived at CLT. I did and my car was at curbside. Thank you Ashley!
- George S.
 - I love Valet parking and use it every time I fly out of CLT. It is so convenient and I have never had a problem with wait time or staff.
- Arlene H.
 - LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Our flight from GSP got delayed to CLT and we were going to miss our flight if we didn't leave ASAP. We drove to Charlotte and pulled up, they were super friendly and fast! I told them my flight was sometime next Friday and that Friday I didn't call or text because I didn't know how long customs would be. We got there and my car was right there just waiting! Super easy. Would use again.
- Samantha A.
 - The service at this location is a joke. I texted my arrival at 459pm today to have my suv brought around. I stopped to do a conference call in airport. I came out at 630 to get my suv. It is now 715pn and still no vehicle. I wouldn’t ever use this service again. The service is a joke.
- J .
 - We use Curbside Valet multiple, multiple times a year for the convenience. My husband tips them 20% or more and it is extremely frustrating when there are 2-5 employees standing around the podium and they do not assist us with our luggage when we return. Tonight, one of the 2 guys asked our party of 3 if we twanted assistance. For $35/day, I should not be offered. And my husband had left a $25 tip!! We should have our bags taken from us the minute we step outside and placed in our car. Two weeks ago, a female employee greeted us, filled out the paperwork, walked around the car and unloaded our luggage. There were 5, yes 5 male employees hanging around the podium talking. No one assisted her to unload luggage while she did everything else. We park here for convenience. If the service does not improve, we will quit tipping and take names.
- Vivian W.
 - As you pull into the airport there us a sign with the prices if each lot. The valet price is listed at $14/d but when you pick up your car they charge you $28/d. Of course you’re have no choice but to pay because otherwise you won’t get your car keysback.
- Mark N.
 - I have used this service for 3 years. Over the past 6 months it continues to get worse. I always text as I'm landing... I have waited as much as an hour multiple times. I am told that the valet is on the way and it can take up to 30 minutes. I raise this to a manager and they are often not available. This is one of the worst run businesses I have ever seen!! I have never been provided a refund or a credit of any type. I will start using the parking lot!
- Rick R.
 -  I want you to think about this for a moment… "Ameripark is not responsible for items left in your vehicle" That is what I was told by an executive when something was missing from my vehicle… So before you think of using this merry band of thieves… Think twice, park at yourself, go elsewhere
- Beware X.
 - We had our car valet parked for a week long trip out of the country. Upon our return we called them have our car waitin for us. We arrived to the valet desk an HOUR later to find they had t even called for our car yet. Most disappointing was the manger on duties response to our complaints. He was dismissive, unapologetic and certainly not customer oriented. If this is how they do business they won't have customers for long!
- Unhappy C.
 - Severely overpriced. Time to boycott
- Alan C.
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