Santa Monica Aquarium Parking

Santa Monica Aquarium Parking

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Santa Monica Aquarium Parking Options
ParkMe Guaranteed Parking
4 out of 5 based on 24 ratings. First use of this service and had a very good experience. Very close to the Pier. Very Friendly Staff. Short wait to get service both on drop off and pick up. Car is in a safe area, no damage to vehicle at all.
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Shore Hotel
0.19 miles away
* * * * *
Wyndham Santa Monica
0.20 miles away
* * * * *
Loews Parking
0.23 miles away
* * * * *
0.42 miles away
Only 15 spots left!
* * * * *
401 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401, USA
0.46 miles away
Only 15 spots left!
* * * * *
Lot 1 South
0.07 miles away
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No reviews yet
Santa Monica Pier Deck
0.08 miles away
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* * * * *
Lot 1 North
0.12 miles away
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Ivy at the Shore - Valet Parking
0.15 miles away
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Paseo Del Mar
0.16 miles away
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If you are heading to Santa Monica Aquarium you have more than 46 nearby parking options to choose from. The average hourly parking price is $8.46. The average daily parking price is $17.16. The average monthly parking price is $175.0. The largest parking operator in the area is SP Plus, and they often offer cheap parking or discounted parking options.

Cheapest and Closest Parking Options

For the cheapest Santa Monica Aquarium parking or the closest Santa Monica Aquarium parking, we recommend using the sorted list above.

You can avoid the hassle and book a guaranteed parking spot in advance using ParkMe's comparison engine. Pick a date and time or choose from any of the events listed to get started.

Overnight Parking Options near Santa Monica Aquarium

If you need to park your car overnight there plenty overnight parking. The average price to park overnight in the area is $22.65. Some of the most popular overnight parking spots include:
  • Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Structure (link)
  • Ocean View Hotel (link)
  • Structure 8 Public Parking (link)

All Day Parking Options

There are plenty of all day parking options around Santa Monica Aquarium. The ParkMe rate calculator can help you find the exact price and see the current occupancy. Use our Santa Monica Aquarium parking map to find the best spot.

EV Charging Stations near

There are a few lots that provide electric charging in their lot:
  • Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Structure (link)
  • Structure 6 Public Parking (link)
  • Structure 5 Public Parking (link)
Dale W.
First use of this service and had a very good experience. Very close to the Pier. Very Friendly Staff. Short wait to get service both on drop off and pick up. Car is in a safe area, no damage to vehicle at all.
Frank L.
Great parking experience at the Santa Monica Pier. Almost like parking in your own driveway.
Heather T.
The ParkMe app is amazing. I always dread having to find decent parking, and this app cuts that stress out of my life! This particular lot had a very friendly parking attendant, Ricky was his name I believe. He was very informative and helpful. I'll definitely be using this app and parking in this lot again!
Charlene N.
5 Stars for the ParkMe app. Reserving ahead and pre-paying is a great service! 4 Stars for this lot. Reserved a space for the LA Opera performance at the Pier. There were only maybe 10 of us that parked here and the hotel had only 1 valet working. I felt bad for the valet. I can understand why you would not want to have 2 people working but it would have been a nicer experience for those that had to wait 15-20 minutes for their car because there was just 1 person working. I'm not sure how many of those that parked here reserved. Maybe if more people reserved, the folks that run the valet service can plan better. Overall it was a great experience.
Michelle E.
First time at Santa Monica beach and they were less than 3 mins away from the pier. This was very easy and convenient. The customer service was great. valet parking was an easy in & our. Definitely will do it again.
Alison C.
App was super easy to use. Great parking location on my first trip to Santa Monica pier. Hotel valet super nice & friendly. No problem with showing reservation or getting space for car. Will definitely use app again for parking. Best part was not having to parallel park on street!
Julie W.
Great! Will use again!
Keith H.
Parked here for one of the Thursday night concerts in Santa Monica. Had a great experience. They valet'd my car and kept it in front. After the concert, it was easy to get to and quick to get out. Will use again.
Bobby B.
slick service
Alene L.
Parking at this location was quick, easy to find, and the employees are all so nice and helpful. It's close to the pier and we will park here again when we are in the area.
Tumusa H.
Love the services will definitely use again. Just knowing my car was safe and easy to access to Santa Monica pier was awesome..
Diane D.
We were coming from afar and did not want the hassle of searching for parking after a long drive. The Shore Hotel parking was convenient and hassle free. It was a good choice!
Thania S.
Great idea, nice hotel. No hassels in or out. Also nice to have a clean bathroom to use before and after instead of the public ones at the Pier. Park Me was a good choice.
This was my first time using Park Me and I'm so glad I did! Reserving a spot at Shore Hotel was fast and easy. The parking attendants were friendly and helpful. It's directly across from the Pier. For someone who doesn't like driving in unfamiliar places, using Park Me was a lifesaver! I'll definitely use them again.
Patty A.
First time using park me to go to a concert at the pier. So glad I did, it was so painless. Didn't have to deal with traffic or walking miles just to get tothe pier. Easy acces and staff at the hotel were very friendly. Will diffently recommend to friends. Very happy customer :)
Adrian G.
First time using park me for this Hotel to go to a concert at the pier. So glad I did, it was so painless. Never parked so fast in Santa Monica.
Ivette S.
Parking is right across the street from the pier. The waiting area has a TV and couches very posh! My family and I parked there for $16 the whole day you can find coupons online. We parked there spent the day at the beach , came back put our stuff back in our trunk. What is great is that you can go back to your car whenever you want to.
Jessie B.
Parked here for the Pier concert after a friend told me about ParkMe. Seriously the nicest parking facility i've ever been to. They have a flat screen TV & a couch in the waiting area. It was sooo much easier than parking in the city lots.
Adrian F.
I took the family to Santa Monica Pier on Labor day weekend and I knew parking was going to be impossible to find. It was so wonderful to have a spot waiting for me!
was really busy yesterday for thurs concert at the pier, but had a spot waiting for me thx to parkme!
Zander L.
This is my favorite secret lot for quick trips to the Pier. It's small, but you just have to lurk for a few minutes and someone will pull out as it's a 2-Hour lot. Note that it closes at Sunset, though - so don't turn into a pumpkin!
Martin C.
On a busy day, people back up for miles trying to get into this lot. If you just drive a little bit farther, there's plenty of better options north on the PCH.
Keith H.
If you are going to park all day in Santa Monica, it ends up being the same price to park here as the public structure. That said, its better attended and easier to get and in and out of.
yo, so i was gonna meet up with my boys down in santa monica and needed to find a spot to park my ride and heard about this, worked like a charm, parkme is the shizzle