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Parking Guides and Additional Details

Additional Details

If you are heading to Santa Monica Aquarium you have more than 45 nearby parking options to choose from. The average hourly parking price is $10.79. The average daily parking price is $18.92. The average monthly parking price is $155.0. The largest parking operator in the area is SP Plus, and they often offer cheap parking or discounted parking options.

Cheapest and Closest Parking Options

For the cheapest Santa Monica Aquarium parking or the closest Santa Monica Aquarium parking, we recommend using the sorted list above.

You can avoid the hassle and book a guaranteed parking spot in advance using ParkMe's comparison engine. Pick a date and time or choose from any of the events listed to get started.

Overnight Parking Options near Santa Monica Aquarium

If you need to park your car overnight there plenty overnight parking. The average price to park overnight in the area is $25.97. Some of the most popular overnight parking spots include:
  1. Public Parking 4
  2. Public Parking 5
  3. 520 Broadway

All Day Parking Options

There are plenty of all day parking options around Santa Monica Aquarium. The ParkMe rate calculator can help you find the exact price and see the current occupancy. Use our Santa Monica Aquarium to find the best spot.

EV Charging Stations near

There are a few lots that provide electric charging in their lot:
  1. Public Parking 5
  2. 333 Civic Center Dr
  3. Santa Monica Pier Deck
Elaine H.
Great experience. No hassle upon arrival and none upon departure. Very courteous group of people parking my car. I would definitely use this service again.
Krystal G.
I am so disappointed. I reserved this parking because we are from Florida so we don't know the area. When we tried getting to the valet service all of the construction people wouldn't let us turn. We tried twice. So we decided to find different parking. I spent 17 dollars on valet and didn't even get to park there.
Shalom R.
Wonderful service - best of luck!
Kaveh M.
I would definitely recommend ParkMe. The location couldn't have been better.
Leilah C.
Good quality.
Valerie F.
This was a great experience for me. Making the reservation online was very easy, and the Valet team at The Wyndham were very professional and courteous. The immediately recognized my reservation and provided great service. Also, being able to have a reserved parking space so close to the Santa Monica Pier during the height of tourist season took the stress out of going down to the Pier for a company party that afternoon.
Karine G.
J’ai grandement apprécié ce service. J’espère que cela viendra bientôt a MTL. Cela m’a enlevé un stress énorme.
H. N.
Convenient, great service, peace of mind.
Valerie F.
This was a great experience. Making reservations online was very easy. And knowing I had a spot waiting for me, given it is the height of the Tourist season, especially at the Santa Monica Pier, made this a VERY pleasant experience. The Valet team at the hotel was very professional and courteous. I would do this again in a heartbeat!
Samantha P.
It was a great convenience to use your service! The spot was so close to my destination and it was a few bucks cheaper than the going rate for just showing up and paying for a spot.
Mike C.
Everything worked out well for me. I arrived, showed my reservation printout, and they took my car. Leaving was similarly hassle-free. The only thing I wasn't 100% clear on at the time of reservation - needing to block out a specific time to use the parking space vs. just having it for the entire day. Beyond that, it was nice knowing that a spot was waiting for me - I have a genetic aversion to cruising a parking lot for a spot.
Dede L.
I loved my experience, found it very easy! I was concerned about going to an event at the Santa Monica Pier to see my daughter, but with the knowledge I could reserve a spot, I was able to go. I did park at a Hotel, and the valet was extremely fast and very easy to use.
Jeff M.
The service was easy and you offer a reasonable value proposition. I had company in town and wanted to make damn sure we had parking close to our venue. Normally, I’d take my chances but in this case, I wanted to be sure. ParkMe fills a need. Good luck with your business.
Chirag M.
The parking service reservation was great. We spent time at the Santa Monica Pier and parking was a huge concern when I was planning out the day. Luckily, I came across this service and was really glad. The price was very reasonable and the location from the pier was just a block away. Parking was least of our worries during the trip and, in fact, it became a positive experience. My friends and I were talking about how it was such a great deal and the location was optimal. We were happy with this service and I hope to use it again soon.
Karen F.
The reservations worked out great for us. I really liked the way I could locate a parking spot on a map, which also showed the price for comparison. Thanks so much,
Kerry H.
It was a great experience! Easy to find, parking.
Lavendor D.
This was in a pretty good location and the attendant was efficient and helpful.
Blair K.
Friendly, helpful attendant. 👍
Fantastic service & incredibly easy to use! I had friends visiting from out of town. Their travel times changed last minute. By pre-reserving an all-day space, I wasn't committed to an arrival time. It was a comfort to know I had a spot anytime I needed it that day. Will definitely use again. Thanks so much!
Sean M.
Nice people. Saved $6 using the service. Safe facility.
what a beautiful service you folks provide, thank you very much!!1
Adrienne B.
Easy and fast. Cashier was very friendly and very efficient
Trish D.
I always use ParkMe.
Mark C.
I would definitely recommend ParkMe.
Kyle L.
I always use ParkMe.
Alicia A.
This great guy at Parkme, Daivd Switzer set me up with a rez and it went so smoothly! It was super easy and convenient. Will definitely be using parkme reservations in the future! ;)
Pauline C.
This was my first time using ParkMe and I was extremely pleased at how easy it was! I will be definitely be recommending this to my friends. I wish I found out about this sooner.
Varghese J.
It was an excellent experience... Easy to find, parking.
Elizabeth B.
This was my first time in Santa Monica on a busy Saturday evening. Whew, there's a lot of traffic on Ocean Avenue! But I didn't have to worry because i had a parking space reserved at the Shore Hotel which is right at the end of the pier! The attendants were friendly and helpful. No long wait to get the car back at the end of the night. The pickup area is downstairs...clean and well lighted. It was so easy. I would certainly use the lot at the Shore again.
Tim A.
Never been to the area and it was great knowing that I had a reserved spot. So easy! Will use again!
Nicole H.
In and out like a champ. Good rate
Cj P.
Extremely helpful. No hassles whatsoever.
Lisa G.
It was great. We are new to the area and felt much more relaxed knowing where we would park.
Jennifer M.
This all worked well, other than the construction in the area which made the traffic even worse…so took longer than expected to get to the parking, but once there it all worked out great.
Donald F.
Found the entire process pleasant. Will definitely use service again.
Kimberly B.
This was my first time to Santa Monica Pier and with Parkme it made dealing with the crowds and traffic easy. The staff was great and very friendly. We took our bikes with us and when we weren't using them they allowed us to park them in the garage worry free! No lock needed.
Adrian F.
I took the family to Santa Monica Pier on Labor day weekend and I knew parking was going to be impossible to find. It was so wonderful to have a spot waiting for me!
was really busy yesterday for thurs concert at the pier, but had a spot waiting for me thx to parkme!
Zander L.
This is my favorite secret lot for quick trips to the Pier. It's small, but you just have to lurk for a few minutes and someone will pull out as it's a 2-Hour lot. Note that it closes at Sunset, though - so don't turn into a pumpkin!
Bobby B.
slick service
Martin C.
On a busy day, people back up for miles trying to get into this lot. If you just drive a little bit farther, there's plenty of better options north on the PCH.