303 W 96th St Garage

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oceń ten parking
303 W 96th St
New York, NY 10025, US
(212) 222-8333
303 W 96th St Garage
303 W 96th St
New York, NY 10025, US
(212) 222-8333
(917) 722-0119
Podziemie Miejsce
303 W 96th St Garage
303 W 96th St
New York, NY 10025, US
303 W 96th St Garage


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303 W 96th St Garage


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Operator Empire Parking

Monthly Rates:
Monthly (24 Hours): $675.82
Monthly Oversize Add'l: $126.71
Monthly Exotic: $422.39

Oversize Suv Add'l: $10.15
Oversize Van & Pickup Truck Add'l: $16.90
Valet Only
Oceń ten parking

 - The hotel where I was staying has a discount agreement with this lot, but they refused to honor the discount because they said my truck was too big, but it is the exact size of a SUV, they charged me for a vehicle the size of a Super Duty truck, when it is a regular size truck with a short bed. The person that checked me in said he would honor the discount, but when I went to pick up the my vehicle the person there would not honor the discount, not only that, he wanted to charge me $100 to keep the truck a couple of hours more. I am so disappointed in the service here.
- Monica V.
 - I drove over to this parking service, they guy who greeted me was extremely rude... and impatient... when I handed him the key he snatched it from me, when I then asked for my key back he refused to give it back! We I picked my car up two days later there was a huge scratch on the front right quarter panel of my vehicle! So I emediently called and asked to speak to the owner and the person on the other end of the phone hung up one me! Very disgusting place, the vehicles are stored on top of one another! If I were you I’d take my chances with parking on the streets!
- Amy B.
 - Excellent, courteous quick service, highly recommend.
- Mark K.
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