Liberty Place

Subterranean Lot
779 Spaces • $$$$
4 Reviews
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44 S 16th St
Philadelphia, PA 19102, US
(267) 765-3665
Liberty Place
44 S 16th St
Philadelphia, PA 19102, US
(267) 765-3665
(215) 569-8400
Subterranean Lot
Liberty Place
44 S 16th St
Philadelphia, PA 19102, US
Liberty Place


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Liberty Place


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Payment Info

30 Min
1 Hour
1.5 Hours
12 Hours
24 Hours
Early Bird
Mon-Fri; In Between 5am-8:59am / Out Between 3pm-7pm
In By 5pm / Out By 4:59am
Tax Included

Amex, Bills, Coins, Debit card, Discover, MC/Visa
Monthly Rates
Hours of Operation
24 Hours

EV Charger
Car Wash
Handicap Spaces
Covered Parking
Open 24/7
Credit Cards Accepted
Type Non-restricted
Total Spaces 779
Total Handicap Spaces 15
Operator Parkway
Max Height 6 ft. 0 in. (1.83 meters)

Self Park and Valet

Monthly (Regular Vehicle): $525
Monthly (Nights; Mon-Fri; 3:30pm-7am): $190
Monthly (Nights & Weekends Only; Mon-Fri: 3:30pm-7am; Sat-Sun: 24 Hours): $225
Monthly (Reserved Space): Add'l $150
Car Wash: $10

Lost Ticket Pays Max
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 - The attendant was very polite and capable. The elevators go right to Chestnut & 16th, so the location is great if you have business near Broad or Market. Paying was all automated and simple. There was no damage to my vehicle.
- Ryan Y.
 - Park at your own risk. My car was rear ended and suffered exceptional damage. The Valet attendants drive around in there like it is a racetrack. Whoever hit my car fled. The manager assisted me in filing a claim with the garage, but it was up to me to get a police report. I had to go up to the street to get a police officer and call into the district for a DC#. The manager wasn't interested in assisting with getting the police involved. After reviewing the claim, the garage insisted they weren't liable in any way. There are no cameras in the garage, but I took video of the speed racer Valet driving. They didn't even offer to cover my parking fee. I have a large deductible to cover the damage and have consulted with an attorney.
- Michael H.
 - However runs this parking lot is incompetent. The arrow indicating open parking spaces are a joke, they mean nothing. The arrows direct you around in circles but no parking spots. Finally some attendant who doesn't speak English points to the Exit sign with some semi literate explanation that there are parking spots on other floors. However, the Exit signs take you an exit where your are charged $8 for driving around in circles. Sounds like an intentional plan to get $8 for nothing!. To anyone reading this- do yourself a favor and find another parking garage!
- Captain R.
 - We weren't able to park even though the electric sign outside indicated that there were 45 spaces available. This was a little after 9PM March 14, 2015. Busy night I get it. But we spent almost half hour trying to find a space, trying to find help, and trying to get out of the garage.
- Raymond H.
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