941 Jackson St Parking

Surface Lot
113 Spaces • $$$
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941 Jackson St
Dallas, TX 75202, US
(619) 233-6624
941 Jackson St Parking
941 Jackson St
Dallas, TX 75202, US
(619) 233-6624
Surface Lot
941 Jackson St Parking
941 Jackson St
Dallas, TX 75202, US
941 Jackson St Parking


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941 Jackson St Parking


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Each 30 Min
Daily Max

Amex, Debit card, Discover, MC/Visa
Hours of Operation
24 Hours

Handicap Spaces
Open 24/7
Over 7ft. Clearance
Credit Cards Accepted
Type Non-restricted
Total Spaces 113
Total Handicap Spaces 2
Operator Ace Parking - Dallas

Enter this location at 947 Jackson St. This is the Bank of America Commerce lot, operated by Ace Parking. It is located on the northwest/right-hand side of Jackson St. (a one-way street) between S Poydras St. and S Lamar St. The entrance is marked by a white and blue 'Public Parking' sign.
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 - Hi there this is my first time using a parking app. I was unsure at first but I am so happy with the process. It was very easy and quick and fit right with my budget. I didn’t have any problems with it what so ever. The only thing would have been better was you only had 2 handicap parking spaces. Also the parking was really close the Dallas Convention Center! I have been telling everyone how impressed I have been with using your Park app!!!! Keep up the good work!!! 😊
- Annette K.
 - Convenient location, well-lit, well-marked lot adjacent to a 24-hr McDonald's, so even if one's vehicle is the only vehicle or one of a few in the lot, it is not alone, isolated or remote. I felt comfortable parking here during an overnight volunteer shift at the Dallas Hurricane Harvey Mega-shelter.
- Ollen M.
 - I love the idea of being about to reserve a spot in a parking lot! Brilliant!
- Charlotte D.
 - Easy and convention. I parked, left my prepaid reservation in the window of my car, and I walked past the line of people who had to pay for parking.
- Tamara A.
 - Lot was great and easy to get into with the directions provided. Well lit and clean.
- Erin A.
 - Easy to find, and reservations made it even easier to park (no waiting in line to pay)
- Julie R.
 - Was easy to complete the transaction and the directions were clearly given.
- Madonna G.
 - Very pleased with the experience. Very convenient and a real time saver to be able to print off the parking pass in advance.
- John O.
 - Very easy once I found the garage entrance. I always use ParkMe.
- Roger A.
 - Used the Android app. I liked being able to compare prices with ParkMe.
- Christina M.
 - The location couldn't have been better.
- Michael P.
 -  Was very convenient to reserve a parking spot for our weekend in Dallas, lot was well-maintained, in and out was easy. Definitely recommend. Will definitely use again.
- Misty M.
 - Parking and address are confusing. Parked at 947 Jackson St. and it was the wrong parking lot. Its good I didn’t get the boot the first day like other car owners. Next day when I was driving up the attendant let me know I was in the wrong lot. The correct parking lot is in front of the McDonalds not on the side of it, like the address and picture says. That was the only thing wrong. Everything else was a good.
- Rolando G.
 - Reserving with ParkMe was very comforting knowing I had a place to park when I got there. I did have 2 problems with it though: 1. I was supposed to park at 900 Commerce and the address of the parking lot was really tiny I didn't realize I parked in the one next to the right one until I got back. Alls good though I had a spot and wasn't worried about it. 2. the distance instead of like .48 mi away from the event was more like .6 mi away, minor number error but it was a little more walk than I planned on. Otherwise everything went very well. Great service.
- Alise R.
 -  A great man once said "Gimme that funk, that sweet, that nasty, that gushi stuff..." I say reserve a parking spot here and go to Plush or the City Tavern.
- Alexander U.
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