The Z Park

Structure Lot
1770 Spaces • $$$$
21 Reviews
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225 Gratiot Ave
Detroit, MI 48226, US
(855) 487-6727
The Z Park
225 Gratiot Ave
Detroit, MI 48226, US
(855) 487-6727
Structure Lot
The Z Park
225 Gratiot Ave
Detroit, MI 48226, US
The Z Park


Reservation Details
The Z Park


Driver Info
Payment Info

Each 20 Min
Mon-Fri; In After 4pm

Amex, Debit card, Discover, MC/Visa
Hours of Operation
24 Hours

Covered Parking
Open 24/7
Over 7ft. Clearance
Credit Cards Accepted
Building Address
1234 Library St
Detroit, MI 48226, US
Type Non-restricted
Total Spaces 1770
Operator Ultimate Parking Management
Max Height 8 ft. 2 in. (2.49 meters)

Enter this location at 227 Gratiot Ave. This is the Z Deck garage, operated by Ultimate Parking. It is located on the northwest/right-hand side of Gratiot Ave. (a one-way street) between Broadway St. and Library St. The entrance marked by a purple and white 'Park' sign.
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 - Worst start to our group night in Detroit. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND to park here.Caravan down for a Handlebar experience...parking lot ONLY accepts cc ONE time. Tried to help our friends from out of town that only brought cash and ran my debit card for them only to find out that I COULD NOT enter the garage because they only accept your cc once. Had to scramble around Detroit to find another place to park...which wasn’t easy because there were 4 other structures closed. Then my carload left for the night and our friends that did get to park in Z’s didn’t know they needed my cc to EXIT the structure...If this is the way they run their business then they better rethink it for the people that use recommendations from businesses around them.
- Donna B.
 - Beautiful structure; best place to park for stay or overnight!
- Bomb D.
 - This app was great! Found a great lot near our destination, reserved a spot and went there. Easy as that. I'll definately use it again.
- Lisa M.
 - Beautiful, spacious lot, but too expensive. $20 for 3hr parking. Will not frequent downtown businesses Detroit due to this reason.
- Joy H.
 - Best parking for any event down town. We always park right under the security cameras too. Easy to get to , safe, lit up, very clean and super friendly attendants!
- Ricki S.
 - Beautiful structure start at top take pics and work your way down
- Craig S.
 - Parking at the Z was easy in and out. Place was clean and well lit. Only negative was reservation was twice the price for Parking. Cash customers paid $ 10 ....Parkme was $ 21 total.
- Jody B.
 - Actually, it was awesome! I never expected to be able to reserve a spot. I'm from Traverse City Michigan, so I thought it was going to be difficult to get a good parking spot in downtown Detroit for the Tiger's game, but you made it easy affordable and closer than expected. What more could I ask for? The only thing I may have suggested was an App so I could use you guys again on my phone... but I just checked and downloaded it.
- Cameron H.
 - Reservations were easy to make, the place was clean and in a great location for easy leaving while avoiding congestion. Will use parkme again.
- Danielle W.
 - Great parking experience! I was happy to know exactly where I was parking before I got to the game. Z garage was extermely clean and seemed very new.
- Michael A.
 - Easy parking. The only issue we had was the barcode would not scan. Called for assistance, showed our reservation, and we were let in.
- Lezlie C.
 - Just want to let you know that it was painless to park for the game. I found the price reasonable and being able to show my reservation and get through to park was great. I will recommend doing this to those I come into contact with. Very convenient! Thank you so much!
- Tim S.
 - Fantastic job with parking before a Lions and Tigers game. Only wish that the directions specified that the attendant would be taking our printed-out pass with a barcode and handing us a new barcode (as opposed to scanning the original one).
- Fred G.
 - This was a fabulous experience. No worries about where to park or whether we'd have to pay some crazy amount for parking. Plus it was only a five minute walk from Ford Field and Tiger Stadium. Now if the city can only do something about the traffic before and after games and there was a lot of construction going on around the two stadiums. That was really the only bad experience. I had a bad foot so I needed to park close. Would definitely use again and would also recommend.
- Cyd
 - We had some difficulty finding it, but once there, the parking garage was clean, close to Comerica Park and easy to get in and out of. It was nice to know I had a guaranteed parking spot regardless of how close to game time we arrived.
- Sherry V.