Lot 119 - Hall Of The States

Subterranean Lot
101 Spaces • $$$$
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18 E St NW
Washington, DC 20001, US
(202) 298-7299
Lot 119 - Hall Of The States
18 E St NW
Washington, DC 20001, US
(202) 298-7299
(202) 295-8100
Subterranean Lot
Lot 119 - Hall Of The States
18 E St NW
Washington, DC 20001, US
Lot 119 - Hall Of The States


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Lot 119 - Hall Of The States


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Building Address
400 N Capitol St NW
Washington, DC 20001, US
Type Non-restricted
Total Spaces 101
Operator Colonial Parking
Max Height 6 ft. 0 in. (1.83 meters)

Colonial Preferred Parker Cards Accepted
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 - This is a great lot...excellent lighting and clean. When we arrived on Sat morning plenty of spots to park. Just drive around and look for one that is not reserved. The attendants were very friendly and greeted us with a smile when we arrived. The Parkme service worked fine. I had no trouble scanning the code on my reservation. Scan to enter and scan to leave. Easy!
- Steven S.
 - Great location. Responsive attendants. Like others, equipment didn't read OR code. Attendant said to honk horn as I was leaving and attendant would handle it. Fortunately I had brought my paperwork and there wasn't a long line of people waiting behind me.
- Jeanne S.
 - This location was excellent and close to Union Station. Easy to find. Parking lot was clean and well lit. I bought my spot on-line and the scanner worked fine both in/out. The only negative was lack of signing on how/where to park as when you enter and drive around I found majority of the spots had a "reserved" sign on them. I was thinking I was reserving a spot on-line, but these signs had company or persons names. I did finally find some spots that were double depth, but figured if I parked in the back of these that I may get blocked in, and if I parked in the front of them that I may get towed away as I was blocking a spot?..... confusing. No signs informing you? I drove around and found a couple parking attendant offices, but all locked and nobody around. I ended up driving back out where I found someone that informed me to park in the double spots and leave my key if I parked in the front one. Overall a good parking lot..... just very confusing for visitors to the city that are unaware of the parking. The next day I parked in another lot (in a different location) that the fellow took my car and parked it and recovered it when I arrived back. I would use this service again in the future.
- Tom B.
 - Very convenient garage as I had an all day meeting in the Hall of the States Building. Easy to buy coupon on line for $22.95 for all day. Problem was the reader in the garage failed to read the QR code on my print out. An attendant advised me to print out a ticket and deal with it when I left. Again the exit reader failed to read the QR code so I called for an employee who took my paperwork and let me exit.
- Richard F.
 - This was a great location to access metro (Union Station) or the Capitol. Very convenient to use. More signage on entrance and exits by foot, elevators would help but overall great experience.
- Paula M.
 - Lot was well lit and very clean. Very convenient location. Rate was reasonable
- Tom Z.
 - Everything was incredibly convenient from online reservations to using location services to find you to the exceptionally nice team working for you. Thank you for helping make my stay that much better!
- Kasandra O.
 - Not a city person AT ALL and this was so, so easy. No problem at all, just handed our printed confirmation to the attendant. We did have a problem printing the scan code in the email; for some reason it didn't come out. But that didn't matter, the reservation went fine. The lot was clean and nice, right across the street from The George Hotel where we stayed and around the corner from the Hyatt and Liason, and just a short walk from the Capitol building. Loved this and would definitely use ParkMe again!
- Leslie J.
 - This was the first time I have ever reserved a parking space on line. I had to drive in to work and was worried about the parking availability near my office. Not only did ParkMe give me good information about the parking lots in the area I needed to park, the information it shared about the parking lot I selected was very accurate. I arrived at the lot, the staff was very helpful and courteous. I found a space very easily - no need to double park. the garage was clean. the attendant explained what I needed to do as I exit. when it came time to leave, the attendant said he had been waiting for me and thanked me for parking there. it was all very easy and added no stress to my day. one thing I would have liked is some instruction on how to enter and exit the garage. it was easily sorted out but with building security being different at each lot, that would be helpful information to know upfront. Thank you!
- Jill D.
 - Great location. I arrived, talked to the attendant and parked my vehicle. When leaving, the attendant just asked me to write my name and ParkMe reservation code in the back of my parking ticket.
- Guilherme C.
 - Lot itself was ok. I'm not sure why they needed my phone number and name when I left. It would be nice if you could just scan it and not have people collect additional information.
- Matthew D.
 - Lot is good. If only they would get charging station for electric vehicles. Its not hard to do. Such a high profile location should have this feature. People will gladly pay to charge up their car.
- Rachel P.
 - Lot was full when I arrived. Glad I made a reservation! 😃
- Meteorologist S.
 - Easy to use online reservation system. Garage was in a great location. Most importantly, this was the best value in the area. However, I would recommend printing your voucher as the garage staff tend not to perfer to see a printed voucher. Overall, great experience.
- Bhumika D.
 - It was great to know that I had a parking space reserved and waiting for me when I got to DC. Easy to use the site and will save you money. Large parking spaces, you don't feel like your car is squeezed in. I will definitely use this again.
- Vickey K.
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