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Bamberg Parking Options
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Bamberg P1

0.23 miles away

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P+R Bahnhof/Brennerstraße
Brennerstraße 97
0.31 miles away

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Bamberg P2

0.33 miles away

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Tiefgarage Luitpoldeck
Luitpoldstraße 5
0.55 miles away

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Parkplatz am Alten Hallenbad
Margaretendamm 10
0.95 miles away

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Parkhaus Zentrum Süd
Schützenstraße 2
0.95 miles away

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Tiefgarage Zentrum Nord
0.99 miles away

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P+R Heinrichsdamm

1.44 miles away

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Parking Guides and Additional Details

Additional Details

If you are heading to Bamberg you have more than 9 nearby parking options to choose from. The average hourly parking price is $2.49. The average daily parking price is $5.75. The average monthly parking price is $56.6. The largest parking operator in the area is Parküberwachungsdienst Stadt Bamberg, and they often offer cheap parking or discounted parking options.

Cheapest and Closest Parking Options

For the cheapest Bamberg parking or the closest Bamberg parking, we recommend using the sorted list above.

You can avoid the hassle and book a guaranteed parking spot in advance using ParkMe's comparison engine. Pick a date and time or choose from any of the events listed to get started.

Overnight Parking Options in Bamberg

If you need to park your car overnight there plenty overnight parking. The average price to park overnight in the area is $12.47. Some of the most popular overnight parking spots include:
  1. Parkhaus Zentrum Süd
  2. P+R Bahnhof/Brennerstraße
  3. Bamberg P1

All Day Parking Options

There are plenty of all day parking options around Bamberg. The ParkMe rate calculator can help you find the exact price and see the current occupancy. Use our Bamberg to find the best spot.

Bamberg Parking Meters & Street Parking

There is street parking available in Bamberg but you run the risk of getting a parking ticket. Always remember to read all posted signs when parking on the street. If you do get a ticket, payment can be sent to the Bamberg Department of Transportation.

EV Charging Stations in

There is only one option that provides electric charging in their lot:
  1. P+R Bahnhof/Brennerstraße
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