ParkMe serves over 28,000 parking locations
across 1,823 cities, 32 countries, and 7 continents.

Parking is about more than just data.
We've paid attention to all the details.

Entrance Points

The lot address might say 1st St, but the entrance is actually on Wilshire Blvd. We know the difference.


With over 18,000 photos of lot entrances and rate cards, drivers will know what to expect when they arrive.

Payment Types

Cash only? We'll be sure to say so. If the garage takes credit cards, we'll even let you know which ones.

Event Rates

Special event rates or closures are displayed along with the necessary details regarding times and pricing.

Full-time Researchers

Lots prices tend to fluctuate. ParkMe works with operators and full-time researchers to ensure our data is accurate.


ParkMe can tell you where to find street parking up to 2 weeks in the future.
Yep. The future.


Does the lot offer a car wash? How about electric vehicle charging? ParkMe knows which lots offer which amenities.


ParkMe is the largest provider that offers both on- and off-street parking information around the globe.