SMF - Economy Parking

Surface Lot
6100 Spaces • $$$$
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Meister Way
Sacramento, CA 95837, US
(916) 929-5411
SMF - Economy Parking
Meister Way
Sacramento, CA 95837, US
(916) 929-5411
Surface Lot
SMF - Economy Parking
Meister Way
Sacramento, CA 95837, US
SMF - Economy Parking


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SMF - Economy Parking


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Each 30 Min
Daily Max

Amex, Bills, Coins, Debit card, Discover, MC/Visa
Hours of Operation
24 Hours

Airport Shuttle
Open 24/7
Official Lot of Airport or Venue
Over 7ft. Clearance
Video Monitoring
Parking Lighting
Guidance System
Credit Cards Accepted
Park & Lock
Building Address
6900 Airport Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95837, US
Type Non-restricted
Total Spaces 6100
Operator Sacramento International Airport

Lost Ticket Pays Max

Oversize vehicles more than 21 feet long are charged double the posted rates

Add'l Phone (916) 874-0825 (If you plan to be away for more than three weeks)

Shuttle service provided at 15-20 minute intervals
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 - just awful! there used to be attendents who would help you know where parking was, give info and in general were quite helpful. they need to get back to that as its a mess out there. super slow busses and when you leave way too few xashiers, someone is running this on the cheap apparently. bad look for sacramento. who is in charge of this airport????
- Harley R.
 - You get what you pay for and that is poor service. I will pay more so I don't miss my flight.Last time we had to run to get in on time when we were 1 hour and thirty minutes early. This was early in the morning and not many people were waiting but they just taken their sweet time and did not want o help load luggage in van. Another customer helped me.
- Erna W.
 - Terrible reviews, I will no longer park there. Taking an Uber makes more sense than paying outrageous fees for lousy service. It is not the cheapest of any airport; I pay $9/day in SLC and the Shuttle service is never more than 5 minutes--even in snowy conditions.
- Bob A.
 - too many unsatisfactory comments posted. I think it is not smart to use economy parking area. will try something else.
- Charles S.
 - My car has been in this lot 2 weeks of every month for the past year. The shuttle service has gotten so much worse than a year ago. The wait from the airport to the lot is so long that many times I've called the Airport operator to help get the crowd of us a shuttle. Some disgusted patrons have even ended up walking to the lot from the airport. I have thought about it myself too or even maybe get an uber to take me to the lot! So ridiculous when I spend over $150 a month there! Perhaps this is a ploy to get us all to park in the more expense daily lot??? I do believe SMF has a monopoly on parking. Many other airports have various parking companies located around them. Not this one. This lot must hold 10,000 cars or more and at $10 a day they'd be making $100,000 A DAY! What a racket! Someone please put up some more parking around SMF!!
- Bonnie G.
 - Waiting time very long for shuttle, need improving.
- Steve T.
 - When I arrived intending to leave my car in economy for 5 days...only to have it be closed. No clue how I would have known this ahead of time. I paid $145 to have my car in daily lot...will not drive to airport and leave car again.
- Mary Lou P.
 - For the past three months there seems to have been a drastic decline in the shuttle service to and from the economy lot. Buses are often full to capacity and cannot accept any additional onboards. There are no signs directing a line for orderly boarding. Shuttle service is often abridged not serving the entire lot. The wait times have consistently grown longer. The price is still the best of any airport I travel to but, quality of service is suffering.
- Robert J.
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