The Shops At Midtown Miami - South Garage

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3005 NE 1st Ave
Miami, FL 33137, USA
Tow Phone
(305) 672-2395
Central Office Phone
(305) 573-9731
Daily Rates
2 Hours
3 Hours
4 Hours
6 Hours
Event Rates Supersede Other Rates

Bills, MC/Visa, Discover, Coins Accepted
Hours of Operation
Additional Info
Covered Parking Open 24/7 Over 7ft. Clearance Credit Cards Accepted

Building Address
3101 N Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33127, USA
Operator ABM
Max Height 7 ft. 9 in.

No Overnight Parking

Lost Ticket Pays Max Daily Rate

 - Just like the person below I came on here because I got charged $34 for 5 hours of parking at this ripoff garage. Was parked from 1:30PM to 7Pm and couldn't believe when my total was $34 freaking dollars, since the sign at the entrance didn't show rates any where that high (I was expecting something like $15 max). I think I'm going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau for this clearly deceitful business practice.
- Mark H.
 - I parked my car in this garage at 7:00 PM and returned at 2:00 am. I expected the charge to be $14.00 because the sign advertises 3 hours at $4.00 and 10-5 a flat $10. They charged me $34.00!! They said that, because I was there before 10PM, the flat rate doesn't apply. It would be nice of them (although not as lucrative for them) to say that up front! I also heard another person complaining about the same thing! I do plan on complaining to the City of Miami department that is over private parking garages.
- Sherry T.
 - Rates are excessively overpriced for such a terrible parking garage. It was better back when the first hour was free and the top level wasn't being rented out for space to a car dealership.
- Hugh J.

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