The Shops At Midtown Miami - South Garage
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Structure Lot
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3005 NE 1st Ave
Miami, FL 33137, USA
Tow Phone
Tow Phone
(305) 672-2395
(305) 672-2395
Structure Lot

Covered Parking Credit Cards Accepted
Daily Rates
2 Hours
3 Hours
4 Hours
5 Hours
Each Add'l Hour
Event Rates Supersede Other Rates

Bills, MC/Visa, Discover, Coins Accepted
The Shops At Midtown Miami - South Garage out of 5 based on ratings. user reviews.
 - MTownParkin 2014 Sun. 11:30am, sign @ bottom entrance 20 Event fee. back 7:30 8 pm, go to pay, self station says 46. parked at place 3 x in its existence. surprised, attendant, go to office. told unable to do anything. male parking worker in office says "that I should of asked for validation or the special event?" could argue sign say nothing about event validation & attendant talkin to male while handing out tics & jumping back into her conversation. offered proof recpt Art Miami & pics, male said no. Went to station to pay 46, says 58, pressed attendant button, try to explain who I was, she started denying I was ever in office, told her, just left & that there was couple came in after me, says she remembers couple, not me. explained, black man sitting in chair in front of her. now remembers, was w/in 5 min of being in office. Says press cancel & give attendant 46 & tell him to call her. start drivin up, attendants walking to office, shift change? employees crossing path, original attendant walking back to office w/ 1 person, person staring dirty looks. go back, office, there is no one @ gate, shift change? angry guy started walking around, same threat look, corner of eye, stands behind me & says what he say? turn around & to explain, ignores me. clerk explains, like she helped. payed 46 cash says press gate button & state name to her. Go to leave, the original attendant back @ gates. press button, no answer, then man in office that said no comes to gate, calls her cell.
- Scammed P.
 - This place sucks big time. Little print for extra hours. Asked why this is not highlighted or in RED and said- "that's your problem".
- Neal G.
 - The ma.... Charged us 70$ for 10 hours... Disney land
- Patrick G.
 - I had the same problem as above. Stayed 5 hours 5 minutes and was charged $22. Obscene!
- Amanda M.
 - Stayed for 5 Hours and 6 minutes and Cost $22. UNREAL. If it didn't take so long getting out of the garage I may not have used the 6 extra minutes. You would think they would want customers to stay longer and spend money at the shops and restaurants and not run them out at the 5 hour mark.
- Greg D.
 - Never thought that 6 hours can cost $34.00.. This is insane.
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No Overnight Parking

Lost Ticket Pays Max Daily Rate
Additional Info
Hours of Operation 24 Hours
3101 N Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33127, USA
Operator ABM
Max Height 7 ft. 9 in.
Covered Parking Available True

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