Sargent's Wharf

Surface Lot
252 Spaces • $$$$
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269 Commercial St
Boston, MA 02110, US
(617) 482-2487
Sargent's Wharf
269 Commercial St
Boston, MA 02110, US
(617) 482-2487
(877) 727-5452
Surface Lot
Sargent's Wharf
269 Commercial St
Boston, MA 02110, US
Sargent's Wharf


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Sargent's Wharf


Driver Info
Payment Info

30 Min
1 Hour
2 Hours
8 Hours
Daily Max
Early Bird
Mon-Fri; In By 6am-9am / Out By 8pm
Mon-Fri; In After 5pm / Out By 6am
Rates Reset At 5am

Amex, Debit card, MC/Visa
Hours of Operation
24 Hours

Zip Car
Handicap Spaces
Open 24/7
Over 7ft. Clearance
Credit Cards Accepted
Building Address
Type Non-restricted
Total Spaces 252
Total Handicap Spaces 7
Operator ABM
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 - I came in on Friday at 1:00 p.m. and left at 8:30 a.m. $54.00 what a rip off. I will never do that again. They don't even accept cash. Next time I will use the parking app to find a better plave.
- Cynthia A.
 - We misunderstood the sign. We did not realize that the posted information we were looking at did not apply on the weekend. We tried to talk to the attendant who not only would not listen to what we were saying but remained on her cell phone on a personal call the entire time. Ended up paying $24 for a stay of less than two hours.
- Michelle K.
 - Need to read the small print.Advertising in large billboard $22 for overnight parking .Please be aware need to be out by 6am .Ended up paying $44 even though out within 24 hours .Very very deceptive advertising ,when questioned the price a rude attendant pointed to miniscule lettering saying need to be out by 6am.City of Boston deceptive trade practices dept needs to check on this.Plenty of other lots close by are all up front with their listed pricing structure.
- D K.
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