ParkMe offers the largest and most robust
parking data API on the planet.

Direct-to-Driveway guidance gets drivers to their real destination: a parking spot.

ParkMe simplifies complex rate cards and rules with our Advanced Rate Calculator.

Direct-to-Driveway Guidance

Assist drivers with the most stressful part of their journey.

Navigation devices and apps shouldn't leave drivers wondering where to park. ParkMe's Direct-to-Driveway Guidance pinpoints exactly where driveways can be found, meaning you can guide drivers to the place they were really looking for: a parking spot.

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Advanced Rate Calculation

From parking garage hieroglyphics to just plain English.

ParkMe for iPhone recommends the best place to park based on your location, what kind of vehicle you're driving, and how long you'd like to stay.

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ParkMe Engine

Are you willing to walk another block to save $5?

The ParkMe engine takes a user's location and determines the best parking options based on price, proximity, and the user's preferences.

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